Sunday, 18 April 2010


My RedGage Visa Card

Dear Redgage members, this is my letter to you who truly appreciate Redgage and to all those doubting thomases and all those whom have lost trust in Redgage. Redgage is a true earning site that I made the correct decision to join six months ago. This site has earned me much and living in a third world country (Kenya to be specific), it took around two months for the card to pop out of my mail box thus ending my long wait that at one point the chances nearly seemed null.

I. My redgage visa debit card...notice my names at the bottom.

The photo above shows the visa debit card that I received fully loaded with my catch from redgage. To make it real to those who still doubt it, let me spice it up a bit; notice the big purple thing in the background. Those are our public transport vehicles all pimped to make sure your journey is as comfy as possible. Funky that is: especially when you are going for shopping!

II. Funky transport bus.

The Redgage visa debit card has enabled me to do plenty and plenty of shopping; of course I don’t own a car so no gas filling for me! This Christmas, I have bought a plenty of airtime for my phone too in short, Redgage has enabled me to stay in touch with my loved ones, buy gifts to friends, and equip our house hold especially the kitchen with plenty to eat.

III. My card in front of the funky bus also called "MATATU".

The Redgage visa debit card also came with its downs too. The biggest task was to explain to some cashiers at the malls to which bank in the country the estranged visa card belonged to, even at times some had to call in their supervisors to ascertain the authenticity of the card as it looked suspicious.

At one time, the mall supervisor had to lash out words at the cashier since she didn’t sweep the card and give it a chance first instead waste his precious time to question a visa card, yet at the counter she sat on the labels; VISA DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED HERE were clear!

Lastly, I want to encourage all to continue doing your best and win for it pays to be at Redgage.

Thank you.


Redgage is a new earning site that pays its members to publish their work. Many people who have joined earning sites do have several questions that make them doubt the legality of these sites. This is understandable as I have been a victim too.
There are legitimate site that do pay but the first thing that anyone willing to join them ought to do is.

• Check for how long the site has existed.
• Search the internet for any negative comments made about the site.
• Check for the things to do in order to earn.
• Go through the terms and conditions.
• Check the form of payment being used by the site.
• Ask any members of the site who have earned if they have truly been paid by the program.

• If the site ask you to pay for membership.

The reasons why one should ask for this is because:

• There have been several programs that have showed up and failed e.g. EziHippo. It came around with promising ways to pay its people but the thing never lasted the test of time.
• It lasted like three months before it collapsed if I can remember best.

• There has been a site that has promised its users new laptops (ezilaptop) if you can refer more people to its site. That site has several negative comments around the internet, with people claiming how they wasted their time referring people but they haven’t received their laptops neither does the admin reply to their mails questioning the failed delivery of their laptops.

Some sites require you to do several things in order for you to earn.

• Refer people.
• Upload content.
• Etc

But guys remember it’s all about making the easy cash with ease. So;

• Don’t waste your time in sites that require one to do a lot.
• Avoid a site that has matrix system of earning.
• Avoid a site that shares your earnings with your referrer.
• Avoid a site that requires one to pay to get paid.

By carefully going through the terms and conditions you will be able to know if;

• Your country of residence is allowed.
• You can get paid by the program.
• The tasks meet your criteria.
• The system of payment will deliver every single cent to you.

Payments are a major issue amongst many. Here is why:

• May sites prefer paypal as a form of payments but paypal countries are few. So you can make cash but receiving it will be a problem e.g. I made a lot on mylot but my country is not a paypal country so I was never paid and got banned for insisting.
• Another site was mypage who did pay via paypal or checks and you may realize that an international checks take up to six months to mature in most countries. Now they have reverted to using paypal alone.

Redgage did come up with a visa form of payments. Here are the advantages of using a visa debit card;

• The card takes less than two days to get reloaded (36 hours to be exact).
• The card is accepted worldwide at any outlets that accepts visa debit cards.
• It’s a flashy card that makes many wonder to which bank it belongs to.(at times the mall supervisor had to be called by the cashier to ascertain the credibility of the card)

The major thing is to try and ask as many users if they have been paid by the program. This will build confidence in you and ensure that you are an earning member at the end.

Lastly NEVER PAY TO GET PAID. It’s all about making FREE MONEY ONLINE.